Holding Tight to Love of Art with a New Landscape

Holding Tight to Love of Art with a New Landscape

Ahmad came to Canada as a refugee from Syria in December 2016. Ahmad came with his large family consisting of him and his wife, their two boys, and their three girls.   

 After the war tore apart Syria, Ahmad and his family fled to Lebanon for safety before having the exciting opportunity to resettle in Canada. Upon arrival in Saskatoon, his family was greeted by Melanie from Global Gathering Place at the airport. Melanie warmly welcomed Ahmad and his family to Saskatoon and was first responsible for their medical files during this period in their journey.  

Ahmad highlighted Eman from GGP who was instrumental in helping his family settle in their new home. Eman introduced the entire family to Saskatoon City Transit and the best routes to enter the city centre from their new home. Eman was also able to assist Ahmad’s family in finding necessities and setting up amenities for their new home. Ahmad said that “the entire GGP team was amazing and provided the best services for [their] resettlement.”   

Ahmad is thrilled to now be a Canadian Citizen but continues to reach out to GGP to help navigate Canadian life and keep us updated on his successes. “Learning the language, making friends, and working are essential for integrating into my new community while preserving the traditions of my original community,” Ahmed said. “I try to be serious about learning the language because it is the key to the new society and not to miss an opportunity to learn and start again.”   

Ahmad now works as a successful artist, illustrator, graphic designer, teacher, and printer in Saskatoon. Art and painting are passions that Ahmad has always held and he continues to paint a variety of subjects that reflect his life in Syria and Lebanon. “When I paint, I feel the pleasure, I feel the happiness that comes from the people who enjoy my art,” Ahmad noted. He is now inspired by Saskatoon and loves “the open skies of Saskatchewan.”   

Ahmad is excited to be settled in Canada and gives thanks to the community he has found here. He continues to insist that Canadians are the nicest people. Ahmad thanks GGP for the assistance in starting his new life in Canada and in becoming an active member of the Saskatoon community.   

You can find Ahmad at several art fairs and markets around Saskatoon sharing his love of art and Saskatoon landscapes.   

“To be successful in art you need to love it, live it, and feel it,” Ahmed said. 


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