Retired Teacher Finds Endless Joy in English Language Classes 

Retired Teacher Finds Endless Joy in English Language Classes 


Jenny retired from teaching Biology at the University of Saskatchewan in 2008, but her love of teaching kept her from completely leaving the field. She quickly started volunteering at Walter Murray High School, followed by Mount Royal High School in their English as an Additional Language classes. She continued in this role for twelve years and cherished the variety of subjects she could teach and the diversity of the students. Jenny noted the many “different nationalities and different abilities” of her students, but what tied them together was their eagerness to learn and the gratitude they had towards her.  

In 2020, COVID put a pause on this work for Jenny. In 2022, a friend that Jenny previously worked with remarked that Jenny would enjoy volunteering at Global Gathering Place because of her love of teaching and engaging with newcomers. Jenny quickly began volunteering weekly with GGP in January of 2022 in our Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada Classes for CLB 1.    

Jenny found the staff and teachers at our English Language Centre to be extremely welcoming and friendly but continued coming back to volunteer because of the incredible students that she met. She noted that the students are perpetually happy and smiling in class. “There is a real sense of community amongst them, and I know they support one another,” Jenny said.   

Through Jenny’s experience at GGP, she has learned the importance of respecting different cultures and breaking down differences and creating a community of understanding. Jenny learned “that we all share the same goals for our families no matter what culture we come from.”   

Jenny loves her students’ enthusiasm, their kindness, their keenness to learn, and the excitement they bring to each class. “Sometimes one gets a glimpse of the difficult experiences they have been through and the loved one they are separated from,” Jenny said with a longing to continue communication with each and every student. She notes that each and every week, she is spoiled with many hugs from her delightful clients that bring her so much joy.  

Thank you so much to Jenny for her inspiring passion and dedication for volunteering in our English Language Classes. We are spoiled to have volunteers like Jenny who show so much joy and commitment to assisting newcomers navigate and thrive in their new lives. 


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