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Services for the Most Vulnerable

Refugees and immigrants who are made vulnerable because of their high and complex needs receive personalized support to access the skills and resources that will enable them to navigate life in Saskatoon on their own. By respecting and valuing the culture, experience and wisdom possessed by our clients, we add to existing skill sets and are witness to countless successes as we help these individuals and families transform their vulnerabilities to strength. 

Case Coordination: 

Following an empowerment practice theory and strength-based approach, Case Coordinators provide intensive one-on-one support to individuals and families with acute need or who are facing complex and multiple barriers to settlement. Clients receive help to set short- and long-term goals, arrange and attend appointments, and navigate their community. 

Cultural Health Navigators (CHNs):  

CHNs facilitate effective communication between newcomers and medical professionals. CHNs attend appointments with newcomers and help with language interpretation, cultural navigation and health literacy as well as help other GGP staff members to provide service to vulnerable clients. 

Enhanced Lifeskills: 

For refugees, arriving in Canada can be an overwhelming experience, as these newcomers are immediately inundated with change. Everything is different: the language, culture, environment, social expectations, use of technology, and basic skill set necessary for everyday life. The Enhanced Lifeskills program builds confidence and competencies by teaching important skills such as taking the bus; shopping for, preparing, and safely storing food; using household appliances; maintaining a clean, safe home; budgeting; laundry; and accessing community services. 

Providing Access to Healthcare (PATH): 

To promote better health outcomes among refugees, the PATH program gives one-on-one health support to refugees during their first six months in Canada. The PATH team helps refugees navigate the complexities of our healthcare system and addresses barriers including language, transportation, and an unfamiliarity with Canada.  

In addition to serving clients, PATH works to engage the wider community in sharing responsibility for serving the ever-growing newcomer demographic. Greater collaboration will only be more pressing with our government’s recent commitment to landing and settling more vulnerable refugees. 

Refugee Engagement and Community Health (REACH) Clinic:  

The REACH Clinic at the Saskatoon Community Clinic is a primary health clinic for newly arrived refugees.  Located in the Saskatoon Community Clinic (455 2nd Ave. N), REACH provides initial exams, ongoing medical follow-up and diagnostic services, and has a pharmacy on-site. All newly arrived refugees, including privately sponsored refugees, are eligible to access REACH services. To book a REACH appointment, call GGP at 306-665-0268 and let us know you are a refugee who needs to book an appointment at REACH.