Thriving in a New Home

Thriving in a New Home

Jib immigrated to Canada in 2010 under the family sponsorship stream. Accompanying him was his wife, Maya, and their two sons, Bimal and Kamal. “Upon our arrival, I dedicated myself to learning English through Global Gathering Place, investing significant effort to ensure our successful integration,” Jib noted. GGP welcomed Jib and his family as participants in a wide range of programs, including, including English classes, skills building sessions, drop-in information sessions, one-on-one employment assistance, a special program to help those interested in starting their own business, weekend activities, and Coffee and Conversation. Jib was also connected to a volunteer, who provided mentorship support.

Jib emphasizes the outstanding support GGP provides to all newcomers to Canada. “I am grateful to GGP staff members Afton and Stephen for their exceptional help. GGP holds a special place in my heart for the invaluable support they offered my family and me,” Jib said.

Jib highlighted Coffee & Conversation as his favourite and most memorable program. He noted, “This program has been useful in helping me understand Canadian culture, work culture, and in providing opportunities for networking. Additionally, it has facilitated the exchange of cultural knowledge with individuals from various countries.” 

Jib continues to stay connected to his home country through his love of gardening which stemmed from his time as an administrative officer at the Nepal Agriculture Research Council. Jib also served as an executive member of the Nepalese Community of Saskatoon for three terms, followed by a term as president. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Nepalese Heritage Language School in 2014. The same year, Jib organized a fundraiser in support of the earthquake victims in Nepal.

For newcomers seeking success in Canada, Jib remarks on the importance of learning the language, utilizing support services like those offered by GGP, and pursuing further education and training. “Actively networking, understanding Canadian culture, and maintaining determination and resilience are also key factors in achieving success,” Jib said.  

Currently, Jib is employed full-time as a bookkeeper at CDC Bookkeeping after completing an accounting diploma with high honours and is also the proud owner of a local Wok Box. Both positions allow him to apply many of the invaluable skills he learned at GGP. Jib’s eldest, Bimal, is currently in his third year at the University of Saskatchewan where he is studying Biomedical Sciences with hopes of pursuing Medicine. Jib’s youngest, Kamal, will be graduating from high school this month and will join his brother at the U of S this fall to study Computer Engineering. “My journey reflects a commitment to hard work and perseverance, resulting in both personal and professional accomplishments,” Jib said. 


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