Hanh’s story: Holistic settlement services to meet every need

My name is Hanh Le. I am a client of the Global Gathering Place and a former student. I am glad to say big thanks to all teachers, staff, and managers of GGP for their useful and enthusiastic help. This is the most helpful settlement service in Saskatoon that I strongly recommend all newcomers to join. 

Firstly, this holistic settlement service provides full English class, one-on-one assistance, and skills-building such as computer, driving, and employment skills etc. to all newcomers, immigrants and refugees regardless the immigration status, age, gender, also how long they have been here. 

Secondly, their teachers and staff group are always eager to teach and assist in an initiative educational, energetic, and enthusiastic way. I highly appreciate their efficient English class and one-on-one assistance. I was beginning English class when I have no English skills, especially listening and speaking. My first teacher at GGP was Mr. Patton Maclean. He was not only serious at work but also considerate and creative to teach us. I learned the discipline and reputation spirit in work from him. He also touched us step by step for listening and encouraged us to participate in social activities for learning. So far so good and never give up are good lessons I have learned from my teachers and my classmates there. These lessons could belong to me and become my property in my life.  

Lastly, I am grateful and impressed by GGP staff, such as Tony, Doha, Micheala, Carlie, Azalea, Affton and so on. They are so friendly, professional and kindly able to help us. The first time I knew about one-on-one assistance was when Irina helped me fill in the form after landing and apply for a PR card, health card. Currently, Tony is assisting me during the citizenship and WES process. I was surprised because he was able to handle diverse work and make efficient decisions, also he can be patient under pressure with those. I recommend my children learn from the GGP staff. I still work hard every day to study because GGP helps as my inspiration. I hope I can pay it forward one day.   


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