Sanaa’s story: Citizenship and document support at GGP

I would like to thank you for always being there for us.

I want to thank Muna for assisting me and my family with the application for travel documents and also submitting our citizenship applications. I applied last year for citizenship and just passed the citizenship test last month. I am so glad and feel very excited for my ceremony and to be a Canadian citizen.

GGP has been always the place that we look for when we need help with any documents or letters we receive from the government. They help me contact different institutions in Canada whenever it is needed and also referred us to different programs that are beneficial to us and make us feel more powerful and settled in Canada. The GGP programs encouraged me to be independent.

I always refer my friends and my community members to GGP to receive any assistance they need, as they have been nothing but amazing for me. Muna is also a wonderful and lovely person, she is always so welcoming and greets us with a smile and give as any help whenever we need. I wish her and GGP staff all the success. 

Thank you so much! 


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