Jade’s story: Finding a job and a plan with Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground was essential for me to meet people, make friends, and have fun in the meantime. It also helped me understand how the Canadian job market works and how to prepare myself for it, and thanks to the help of the program I got a job.

I really liked the topics that talked about learning types and how to identify your strengths, I think that if I had this kind of help when I was younger, I would have made many different decisions, but luckily it is always time to change. I wish the program was longer, but of course that’s only because I enjoyed it so much, by far my favorite so far.

The facilitator was amazing, always helpful and trying to help us the best way possible, all the other students were very nice too, so 10 of 10 for the program.

To learn more about Breaking Ground, check out this YouTube video!


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