GGP’s New Work Experience Project

Discrimination in hiring is a proven barrier for newcomers. 2019 study looking at Canada’s hiring practices confirmed that nonwhite applicants do not receive nearly the same rate of callbacks for interviews compared to white non-immigrants with similar qualifications. The same study also found that levels of discrimination in hiring were much lower with white European immigrants than with immigrants from African, Middle Eastern, and Asian minority groups.  

Clients often come to us for assistance after months of job searching with no responses from employers. We support them through their employment journey, from helping them improve their English to resume writing and WHMIS training. However, they are often being rejected from jobs not based on their qualifications or language skills but because they do not yet have Canadian work experience. Of course, they can never gain that experience in their field of choice if no employers are willing to waive that requirement. The Ontario Human Rights Commission argues that Canadian work experience requirements are relevant only in very limited circumstances and are often unnecessary, becoming an excuse to dismiss newcomers when hiring. 

When newcomers are asked what gives them a sense of belonging to their new community, having a job is very often the top response. It means providing for one’s family, feeling socially accepted, and achieving economic independence.  Although our clients may lack Canadian work experience, they do hold a great range of employable skillsets and education credentials and they are eager to work. For this reason, we are excited to announce the launch of our first-ever Work Experience Project! 

In partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan, this Project provides up to a 4-month, paid work experience and matches employers with job seekers among the GGP clientele, with a particular focus on the IT, Health, Hospitality, Agriculture, and Childcare sectors. 
Employers who become involved in the GGP Work Experience Project will receive: 
  • Cost-sharing of wages for the placement 
  • Ongoing support from GGP staff 
  • Cross-cultural training for your staff team, upon request 
Our goal is to plan for the best possible work experience for both the employee and the employer. GGP clients involved in this Project meet all eligibility and legal requirements to work in Canada and have middle to high level English skills. Although employers are under no obligation to hire the participant once the work experience ends, it would be ideal if this was an outcome of the placement.  
Employers participating in this Program are demonstrating their support for refugee and immigrant citizenship in our community and reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Saskatoon.  
We ask for your support in promoting this project to potential employers. For more information and relevant materials, please reach out to Karen Timoshuk at 


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