Volunteer Highlight: Mohamed

Meet Mohamed, a volunteer with both GGP’s Computer 1 and Computer 3 classes. Six months ago, Mohamed, his wife Maha (pictured), and their children arrived from Cairo where Mohamed was a civil engineer for 13 years specializing in bridges, so he is a perfect addition to the City of Bridges! We asked Mohamed a couple questions which he graciously answered below.

Why did you decide to volunteer with GGP?: I wanted to do something useful for the community. I learned from my parents that if I can help others, I should, whether it’s neighbours, extended family, or strangers. In Egypt as a senior engineer I offered to teach and mentor junior engineers. Right now I’m looking for a job so in the meantime I’m volunteering and taking English classes.

What do you like about volunteering in GGP’s computer classes? I like helping students increase their knowledge and get to know technology, which is the language of the century.  Seeing their progress is rewarding.

What’s challenging about it? The low level of tech knowledge combined with low English level can make it difficult for students to understand concepts. Sometimes we speak the same native language so we can communicate easier but other times I just try to use basic English words and instruct them through showing how to do the tasks.

How is your family adjusting to Saskatoon? We love it here. We don’t like cities that are too big, so going from 10 million people to Saskatoon feels like a lot of pressure off. It’s a slower pace and there’s more time to spend together.

We are thankful to Mohamed for his many hours of assisting clients as they build their computer skills, which helps them find employment and with many other aspects of life. If you see him at GGP, be sure to say hello!


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