Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Global Gathering Place. Please fill out the following form to complete the volunteer application process. We look forward to connecting to you soon!

Please list two references (how you know them and their contact information) that are not your family members.
i.e. special events/workshops

Confidentiality Agreement and Photographer's Release

I acknowledge and confirm that as a volunteer I may acquire information on the Global Gathering Place, its clients, staff, and volunteers, and about certain matters and things which are of a confidential nature and that such information is the exclusive property of the Global Gathering Place and will remain in the strictest confidence. There may be some activities that take place which emanate out of relationships begun at the Global Gathering Place. I acknowledge that Global Gathering Place does not take responsibility or liability for any situations or incidents that may occur related to these activities.

I agree to allow the Global Gathering Place to release and publish my name and any photographs, videos, or recordings of me in furthering the mission of the Global Gathering Place through promotional materials such as newsletters, annual reports, brochures, website, and the like.

In addition, I am voluntarily choosing to participate in Global Gathering Place's programs and acknowledge that this increases the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus. I acknowledge that I can discontinue volunteering at anytime. I understand that there are associated risks due to COVID-19. I acknowledge the contagious nature of the Coronavirus and recognize that GGP can not guarantee that I will not become infected with the Coronavirus.

Volunteer's Agreement

In order to best serve the needs of Global Gathering Place clients and staff, I agree to the following conditions of volunteer service.

I will:

-Work a specific number of hours each week as determined by the Volunteer Coordinator and myself;

-Be prompt and reliable in reporting for volunteer work and fill in attendance or log sheet as required to indicate my time spent volunteering;

-Attend scheduled volunteer training sessions; Endeavour to work as part of a team with staff, volunteers, and clients at the Global Gathering Place;

-Agree to work for a period of at least three months unless arranged otherwise with the Volunteer Coordinator;

-Contact the Volunteer Coordinator when I am unable to make my scheduled volunteer commitment;

-Give two weeks notice of termination of volunteer work except in cases of emergency or illness.

I understand and agree to the conditions for working as a volunteer at the Global Gathering Place.

Global Gathering Place Membership

GGP's Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a member of Global Gathering Place. Membership is open to people who support our mission, vision, and objectives. As a member, you will gain a voice and have the opportunity to further contribute to the important work of our organization.

Membership benefits include receiving GGP publications, voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting, and invitations to special GGP events.

Membership fees are $10.00 per year and are due at the beginning of each calendar year. If you are interested in becoming a member, please take a few moments to fill out and complete a Membership Application form and submit it along with the $10.00 fee. Together, we can achieve so much!