The Big Move

After months of preparation, we are delighted to announce that we have expanded into new space on 3rd Avenue, adjacent to our English Language Centre! In recent years, with an influx of staff members hired to address the hundreds of new clients we see each month, we had a sudden dearth of places to hold one-on-one meetings with those clients or even take a sensitive phone call. Several staff members were without an office of any kind. In mid-2022, an entire section of our Client Care team was sharing a single room in the basement of the Main Office, having to get creative to find spaces to meet with clients individually.

These circumstances pushed our management team to move forward with an expansion with support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Our new location on 25th has a variety of meeting spaces, offices, classrooms, and smaller rooms designated to serve clients one-on-one. This expansion also makes our Client Care team and English Language Centre more accessible to clients who are receiving services from both teams. The exceptional creativity and determination of our staff has made this expansion possible and we look forward to the collaborative opportunities that this new space provides!


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