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The Student Services facilitates student placement, waitlist management, recruitment, retention, and referrals, and responds to student needs to support their language training and settlement in the community. In addition, the Student Services supports the English as a Subsequent Language (ESL) department by taking the lead on student support and instructor liaising and support especially as this involves learners needs, documentation, and movements within the classroom and department.

-Determines the eligibility of students for GGPs language classes, conducts intake, registrations, and orientations of students
-Manages the waitlist, administers student placement, and monitors attendance and occupancy numbers
-Manages student records, including data entry and the digital filing of relevant documents
-Produces letters, certificates, and other documents, and enters information in database
-Produces relevant reports for both internal and external (LARC, SAISIA, ICARE) dissemination
-Collaborates with staff, instructors, students, and others to resolve student issues and concerns
-Coordinates with language instructors and other language providers to facilitate student movements (absences, graduations, transfers, other exits, etc.) as needed
-Performs other duties as requested

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