Kavitha’s Story: GGP Transforms the Lives of Newcomers to Canada

I came to Saskatoon, Canada from India on September 8th 2020. I was welcomed with the greens turning to orange and yellow hues and for some time I forgot all the pandemic issues that had affected me.

As a newcomer to Canada, I was welcomed with open arms by the Global Gathering Place. I had registered in GGP through phone during the week of my quarantine.

The first session I had with GGP was Coffee and conversation with Erika through Zoom and I had the chance of meeting many new faces from different parts of the world. It was very interesting to hear different stories and discuss about a wide variety of topics that was really helpful for the newcomers.

I had the chance of meeting Carlie for the Family, Fit and Fun outdoor event- Forestry, Farm and Zoo organized by GGP. It was the very first outing for me after coming to Canada and after completing my quarantine period. I was feeling excited and really thankful to GGP for organizing such events.

I was really excited to be part of the Dance sessions, knitting, crafts and Painting Sessions.

I really enjoyed the WELL Women Group organized by Michelle which was related to the total well being of Women: Mentally and Physically.

The employment programs I attended in GGP  were: Breaking Ground with Michelle, Business Writing workshop with Kris and ASCEND Training with Sana.

All the employment programs was very excellent and helped me get to know better the Canadian Workplace culture, Improve my resume, helped me with job searching techniques, networking and overall gave a boost to my soft skills.

I was successful in attending and passing many interviews, thanks to the employment programs organized by GGP.

I really appreciate the efforts taken by Sana and Michelle in helping newcomers like me to navigate through the Canadian work culture and equip us with how to deal with different situations.

Thank You GGP for all the amazing programs and sessions!


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