Fall into Friendship with GGP Meet Up!

Beginning this September, GGP starts a new program specifically aimed at connecting young newcomer adults in their 20s and 30s through fun and social networking. It’s called GGP Meet Up!

Settling in a new country isn’t easy for anyone, particularly when you come alone, so GGP is excited to offer more programming for this group of clients.

The idea behind GGP Meet Up is to create a safe and inclusive community that will provide opportunities for younger clients to feel more at home in Saskatoon and teach them new things about the city. Social connections can also go a long way to help with other settlement needs, such as job recommendations, enlarging your circle of contacts, and providing a positive peer support network.

This month, join us at Nuit Blanche, an annual outdoor art festival where the public can walk through various neighbourhoods across the city to experience and take part in interactive installations, live dance performances and immersive studios.

NUIT BLANCHE: Saturday, Sept. 25, 7pm

Email: erika.thogersen@globalgatheringplace.com or carlie.russell@globalgatheringplace.com

For a complete list of GGP programs and activities during the month of September, including who to contact to register, please visit globalgatheringplace.com/events/ or call 306-665-0268.


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