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Our LINC Instructors ensure the planning and successful delivery of language instruction and assessment to clients registered with our language programs. The ideal candidate has a post-secondary education, minimum CERTESL certificate or equivalent, and teaching experience.

-Teaches assigned classes at assigned times and location.
-Keeps the classroom neat and organized and board displays reflective of or supporting student learning.
-Supports student learning by providing appropriate instruction based on program guidelines and
evaluations, particularly with regard to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and Portfolio-Based
Language Assessment (PBLA).
-Meets learning objectives through design and implementation of unit plans, curricula, and real-life learning
based on students needs and goals, approved modules/themes, and benchmark levels.
-Maintains regular student records, attendance, and progress on the database.
-Prepares monthly/quarterly reports, progress reports, and other program-related documents when
-Collaborates with administrative staff to coordinate placements, transfers, graduations and exits, and
resolve student concerns.
-In collaboration with the ESL Team Lead, makes substitute arrangements for missed classes.
-Facilitates appropriate referrals and access to services to respond to student needs.
-Performs all other duties as assigned.

See the full job description here.