Newcomer youth build valuable skills in computer coding course

In partnership with the CyberLaunch Academy, the Global Gathering Place recently wrapped up a multi-week Youth Computer Coding course for 10 to 14 year-olds from newcomer families. Tailored to the newcomer community, the course makes building valuable tech skills more accessible. In addition, it provides an opportunity for youth to meet new friends and learn from each other.

Alumni spotlight on Abe Eazadi: The Canadian dream is alive in Saskatchewan

Abe has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In Iran, he was a mechanical engineer and business owner, as was his brother-in-law Abbas. Together with their families, they decided to emigrate and began searching for a ripe climate to start a business. Researching opportunities in Australia, Europe, and Canada, they found the promising Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for entrepreneurs. Abe says an added benefit was, “We talked to people and they said Canadians are kind and welcoming to new immigrants.” 

Client spotlight: Maryam

Before arriving from Aleppo 1 year and 8 months ago, Maryam was afraid of the Saskatoon cold she’d read about, coming from a place with a low of -4 degrees. But like many other challenges Maryam has faced, she started her new life with positivity and determination.

Promoting better refugee health outcomes with the Cultural Health Navigator program

Universal healthcare is a value that many Canadians hold with high regard as a representation of Canada’s dedication to equality and caring for others. For the most part the healthcare system functions well to provide all Canadians with the care they need, but at times, the vastness of the system makes it inaccessible and intimidating even to those born and raised in Canada. If you are a newcomer to Canada with limited English knowledge and social connections, navigation challenges may deter you from seeking healthcare altogether.

Cultural gaps in healthcare

Volunteer Highlight: Mohamed

Meet Mohamed, a volunteer with both GGP’s Computer 1 and Computer 3 classes. Six months ago, Mohamed, his wife Maha (pictured), and their children arrived from Cairo where Mohamed was a civil engineer for 13 years specializing in bridges, so he is a perfect addition to the City of Bridges! We asked Mohamed a couple questions which he graciously answered below.

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