Core Values

Our core values inform how we deliver programs and services to clients, and the relationships we build with diverse individuals and organizations in the community. 

  • Person-Centred Support—GGP recognizes that one size does not fit all and that people’s needs vary and change over time. We seek the clarity to understand the needs of the individual and adapt our resources, programs, and services to meet those needs. We seek to adapt and create the appropriate practical and quality response to the identified need.
  • Holistic Approach—GGP recognizes that all aspects of a person’s needs and hopes must be respected and taken into account when developing effective solutions.
  • Welcoming and Friendly Environment—GGP cherishes a warm, open, dignified and friendly atmosphere where refugees and immigrants to Saskatoon feel welcome, safe, secure, and accepted. We seek to provide a home away from home.
  • Respectfulness—GGP believes in self determination, discovery and the integrity of choices, encouraging each person to make decisions and take control over his or her life.
  • Responsiveness—GGP finds solutions which meet the needs and preferences of refugees and immigrants through informal drop-in, direct service, or referrals to other providers.
  • Partnerships—GGP collaborates and builds positive working relationships with a wide scope of partners in order to share knowledge and ideas, and to ensure the best opportunities and quality of service for refugees and immigrants.
  • Outreach—GGP educates the public about issues affecting refugees and immigrants and advocates on their behalf and in their best interests.
  • Dignity—GGP believes that all persons have the innate right to fairness, compassion, respect and ethical treatment.
  • Financial Sustainability—GGP believes its work as a service provider will be needed for many years to come in the community. Therefore, we strive with due diligence to meet our mission through thoughtful strategic choices that will ensure sufficient financial resources.
  • Diversity—GGP welcomes and is inclusive of people from all cultures, languages and religions, and sees this inclusiveness as a means to learn and enrich all our lives.
  • Caring—GGP demonstrates compassion and concern for refugees and immigrants. As a part of this caring attitude, we listen to people, discover who they are, and find or develop solutions to meet their needs.