Our mission: To engage and support immigrants and refugees to integrate and thrive in Canadian society.

Our vision: A society where newcomers to Canada are fully engaged and valued.

Welcome to the Global Gathering Place (GGP), a drop-in non-profit centre that provides personalized, heartfelt settlement assistance to refugees and immigrants. To achieve our vision of a society where newcomers are fully engaged and valued, we also partner with a wide range of organizations in Saskatoon and beyond.

A welcoming home away from home, GGP acts as a cultural bridge between newcomers and life in Canada. We help clients navigate everything from language, healthcare, and employment, to developing life skills that many of us do without thinking (like grocery shopping and taking the bus). We offer a dynamic variety of programs and services—from résumé workshops to computer classes to the famed Coffee & Conversation—that support clients in building knowledge and making connections.

Through collaboration, trainings, and events, we work to help the Saskatoon community recognize our shared responsibility in helping newcomers integrate and thrive. We offer guidance for making local services more inclusive and accessible, and advocate for what we know to be true: that immigrants and refugees, when given the opportunity, make valuable contributions to all aspects of Canadian society.

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Thank you to our funders who make this work possible!