A Successful Employment Partnership!

Last Spring, Farah Alizadeh began her work placement with Nutrien Wonderhub through GGP’s Economic Recovery Work Experience Program. Wonderhub is a nonprofit that runs an interactive museum for all ages in central Saskatoon. After Farah’s work placement ended, they were so pleased with her that they offered her a position as a permanent team member! Wonderhub has since hired a second Work Experience participant, Zahra Shirdel, as part of their permanent staff as well.

Both women came to Canada from Kabul, Afghanistan a little over a year ago. They were each unable to find work in Saskatoon until they received support from our Work Experience Coordinator Karen Timoshuk. Through a combination of group sessions, individual employment counselling, and a four-month work placement, this program helps our newcomer clients overcome the barriers and prejudice they face when trying to gain Canadian work experience. 

Farah and Zahra share a background as educators and they were thrilled to get the chance to apply those skills to their roles on the Visitor Experience team at Wonderhub. When we spoke to Farah about her position, she was full of gratitude. “I’m very excited to work at Nutrien Wonderhub with such a hardworking and passionate team,” Farah said.

We also spoke to her supervisor, Victoria Oster, on her experience partnering with our Work Experience program. “I think the benefits that working with Global Gathering Place have brought to Wonderhub is broadening our community connections and making those important relationships,” Victoria said, “Letting their clients know that they’re welcome at Wonderhub and also letting their clients know that this is a potential workplace for them.”

She also had kind words for Farah as a model employee. “She’s an excellent team player, always asks questions for clarification and is the first one to jump in and volunteer for a new task or to learn something new. I really think that has brought something special to my team personally and to Wonderhub as a whole,” Victoria said. 

When asked if she would partner with Global Gathering Place again in the future, Victoria’s answer was a resounding yes! “Based on my previous work experience and the work placements we’ve had, [Global Gathering Place’s] clients are very strong and charismatic individuals,” Victoria said, “The work and joy that they bring to an organization is outstanding and I would have no reservations hiring from that organization, from their client base.”


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