REACH - Refugee Engagement and Community Health Clinic

The REACH Refugee Engagement and Community Health Clinic is a refugee health clinic established to support refugee clients with their health needs during their first year in Canada. REACH is hosted at the Saskatoon Community Clinic, and is a partnership of Saskatoon Community Clinic, University of Saskatchewan – College of Medicine, Global Gathering Place, Saskatoon Open Door Society, and Saskatoon Health Region (Primary Health Care Services, Population and Public Health Services and TB Prevention and Control Saskatchewan).

All recently arrived refugees are eligible to receive services at the REACH Clinic for one year. Services include:

  • Initial medical examinations
  • Diagnostic services,
  • blood work, X-Ray and ECG
  • Ongoing medical follow-up
  • Language interpretation
  • Pharmacy

The initial appointment at REACH can only be booked by calling the PATH team at Global Gathering Place at 306-665-0268.