25th Anniversary of GGP!

This month, Global Gathering Place is turning 25! Can you believe it? We are so very grateful to the staff, volunteers, funders, donors, and community partners who have gotten us this far. Over the past quarter century, we grew from a pilot project in a church basement to a holistic settlement organization with over one hundred passionate staff members who make a difference in the lives of thousands of newcomers each year. We couldn’t have done it without you ❤️

We are also aware that many aspects of our growth signal a rising need; refugees and immigrants are arriving in greater numbers than Canada has seen in over 100 years. We are very grateful that more newcomers are successfully being granted the opportunity to join our community. However, the increased demand for our services is also a somber reminder that more and more people across the world are being forcibly displaced or given just cause to flee from their homelands. It is so easy to feel helpless in the face of these crises but we know that is simply not the case. There is so much we can do even just here in our own community. We make a daily commitment to each and every refugee and immigrant who finds their way to our door, ensuring that we do everything in our power to provide the safety, dignity, and connection they deserve. Thank you to all the members of our community who make this work possible. We hope you will continue to journey with us.

Keep scrolling to hear clients new and old speak about the impact GGP has had on their lives.


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