Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) Staff

Employment Status:       Part-Time

PRIMARY PURPOSE:      To provide quality child-centered care to children in the Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) program, ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of children in the program.

NATURE OF WORK:        Reporting to the Language Services Manager, and working in collaboration with the CNC Team Lead, the CNC Staff will provide childcare to newcomer children while their parents attend GGP English classes/programs.


The CNC Staff is responsible for delivering childcare services according to CNC requirements and supporting newcomer families with settlement in the community.


  • Plans and delivers appropriate activities for children in accordance with the program philosophy and to meet the children’s developmental needs.
  • Inspects the CNC space for safety issues and seek corrective action according to procedures.
  • Sets up, takes down, and cleans equipment and other items used in the program; ensure necessary equipment and supplies are in place and purchases supplies necessary for the safe operation of the CNC.
  • Welcomes and interacts with newcomer children and their parents, supporting them as best as possible.
  • Assists with the registration and orientation of children, parent, staff, and volunteers.
  • Identifies childcare needs, emerging issues and concerns, resolving or reporting all necessary information according to procedures.
  • Maintains records, including daily records, attendance forms, child profile forms, and session management forms; enters relevant information into in-house databases, as needed.
  • Works with team members to create a positive environment.
  • Keeps current with relevant program information to respond accurately to client and staff inquiries; do translation or interpretation services when needed.
  • Participates in staff meetings, other organization events and initiatives deemed appropriate by the management.


The CNC Staff will fulfill other duties as assigned.


Education – Early Childhood Education III (ECE 3) or equivalent as assessed by provincial regulators.

Current First Aid and CPR certification.

Experience – 2 years of experience in the childcare field.

Understanding and awareness of settlement issues and the concerns of newcomer children and parents.

Familiarity with the settlement process and knowledge of local resources available to immigrants.

A combination of education and experience will be considered.

A Criminal Record Check including the section relating to working with vulnerable persons in good standing order is required. 

Current Health Assessment including immunization and proof of tuberculosis status.

The ability to speak another language is an asset.


Demonstration of the following performance competencies are considered essential for success in this position:

Knowledge of Child Minding Programs

  • Demonstrates the ability to create a welcoming environment for both immigrant and refugee newcomer parents and children.
  • Demonstrates the ability to build relationships with parents while maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Demonstrates the ability to support children with disabilities and their parents.
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow correct first aid and emergency processes and procedures when an accident occurs.
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow food safety procedures and allergy awareness/reaction prevention when handling snacks.


Relationship Building

  • understanding and openness towards others, and nurturing and valuing positive relationships with others in own work unit and across the organization.

Results Oriented

Demonstrates a consistent focus on achieving results despite challenges or obstacles; demonstrates concern for doing a good job and achieving or surpassing standards of excellence.

Cultural Diversity

Demonstrates the promotion of environments where diversity in background, thought and practice is welcomed and valued.


Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations, including face-to-face, over the phone, and in writing.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively within a team, and with individuals throughout the organization, to achieve optimal results.

Professional Ethics

Understands the ethical responsibility to protect children

Continuous Learning

Stays up-to-date on the areas of expertise, including trends and issues in the settlement sector.


This position primarily operates within weekday and weekend hours in a culturally diverse setting. Given that clientele is also diverse, this role requires the ability to communicate and relay information effectively.

Applicants will need a current Police Record Check and should submit their resumes along with three references by March 26th, 2019 to: