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We are very proud of the work we do at the Global Gathering Place but would like to provide this opportunity for you to tell us how you think we're doing! Post your comments here on our wall of fame.


Our computer teacher is an Excellent teacher really i appreciate her

so let me say thank you Afton

 I love Global Gathering Place.

 The environment of GGP is safe, friendly and comfortable. I am taking computer classes here and I feel really comfortable and happy. I learned a lot of new things. My teacher is Afton. is really nice and friendly.

I'm very happy  to learn  computer class at global gathering place

i like computer class thanks my teachers and global gathering place

I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and acquired lots of knowledge on Basic Computer Course under the untiring supervision of Ms. Afton Tooley. Mr. Steven Davis and all the steff of Global Gathering Place where I considered my second family in Sasakatoon. I was lucky I had the chance to bond with these beautiful people whose purpose is very uncomparable and priceless.This place was really a great alley to those who are able to make things better as they go beyond the unexpected. . . Thank you so much to all the efforts. . I will miss you guys. . .


During my brief stay in Saskatoon, I used to go to GGP whenever I found time. I felt like GGP is my 2nd home in Canada. I am very thankful to all the staff members to give me a warm welcome at GGP. Special thanks to Leyla, Lori, Marilyn, Elfrieda, Megan and the members of the Advanced English class for sharing their knowledge and experience which have given me a better understanding of Saskatchewan Culture and much more. I will cherish the time that I spent at GGP.

Thanks for everything. Will miss you all.


Utsav Patel

The staff of the Council on Aging had the pleasure of getting a tour of the new location of Global Gathering Place.   We wish the staff well as they all do such great work!  Best wishes for working in your new location and with the growth of your agency.

Thank you!                                                                                                


Dear staff of GGP,


I would like to thank you for everything you do! I very much enjoyed having the opportunity to be at GGP. Thanks for English lessons, information sessions, entertainment you provide and etc. Thanks for your patience, sense of humor, tolerance. With your help we are not lost here in Saskatoon. If we have a question we know where to ask! Thanks for your time! You are a great help!


Your website is really interesting, especially for me, it reminds me the best days that I had in Saskatoon in global gathering beside you.



I have to thank my Lord to have brought me to the Global Gathering Place. When I met the staff from the Global, they were very friendly and approachable. In particular, I got tremendous support and guidance from Lori Nixon. It is a great place to be here. I have been feeling as If I am in my home Afghanistan. 

GLOBAL GATHERING PLACE  is a place for hope. The kind staff gift new life to other nations come to Canada. They work hard and they have the patience of Job. 

Hello!!!   I love the Website.... and I miss you guys It's been such a long time.... I want say Hi to Belma The Teachers, The Volunteers.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years...

GGP is a good place for me. I believe GGP is great place for all of the newcomers. I like to take part in a various of GGP activity.     My family came Canada two years ago. I knew Saskatoon and Canada nothing. 
The GGP offered some activities to us. Such as: going to zoo, watching hockey game, visiting some museum, going to Waskesiu, etc.   I like sport, but I did not have chance. The GGP offer some sport activities to us. 
Such as: swiming, playing bowling, playing tennis, skiing and playing curling.    I learn English and computer skills in the GGP and I know Canadian culture in GGP.    I like the coffer conversations(every Thursday afternoon) and weekend activities weekly in GGP.     I know the nice women in GGP can help us for resume and cover letter.    Thanks, GGP. Thanks, the GGP's women.

Hello!!!   I love the Website.... and I miss you guys It's been such a long time.... I want say Hi to Belma The Teachers, The Volunteers.. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years...

GLOBAL GATHERING PLACE  is a place for hope. The kind staff gift new life to other nations come to Canada. They work hard and they have the patience of Job. I wish more success for them 

My gOd...... I MISS MY TEACHER  Marggie i miss the way she was smilling...:) i miss global gatheringggggg I miss Belma... volunteers...  :( we are happy  here but i miss you guys ..... i can'T explain how good you were whit me and my little son :(       global gathering place  is such a good and happy place  peoples are peaceful... FRIENDLY....    OoO im crying now  i miss you ALLL!!!! THANKS  GOD I MET good people like you guys  THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GOD BLESS YOU all !!!

♥♥♥ GGP !!!!!

~.~ ^;^ @.@  ^.^ *.*

  GGP has been a great place not only to learn lots of things but also to make lots of friends.

 I have had a lot of wonderful memories here that I will never forget, and I wish that I could spend those precious time here again with those friends. I believe that I am going to make more friends as well as have great time here as long as GGP keeps doing the outstanding works.

 I am glad that I have had the chance to know and join spectacular GGP's activies.

   P.S. Love the picture of  English as a Second Language Teachers !!!!!!!!

I am happy with the quality of services provided in The Global Gathering Place and proud to be a part of its activities as a volunteer.

I 'm so really happy to tell you Global Gathering Place.

It is the Organization how make us happy to know main things

see you next time have a good job

Yours ,

         Eugide K

I'm really proud to have this Organization and I believe all I want to know, I'll get it here. thanks.


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