SAFE - Skills Aimed for Empowerment

Breaking Ground

This program targets Permanent Residents between the ages of 18 and 30. Participants take part in team-building sessions, learning sessions, and weekly sharing sessions, and practice journalling as a method for measuring personal progress.

The goal of the program is to engage and enable these young adults to achieve short-term success as they move toward their long-term goals. Topics covered in team building and learning sessions include identifying personal learning strategies, improving problem-solving skills, interviewing skills, community resources, soft skills, work place culture, dealing with conflict, etc.

CHEF - Cooking Healthy, Economical Food

CHEF participants have an opportunity once a month to get together and learn how to cook multicultural meals. They are involved with choosing recipes, buying ingredients and preparing meals. In addition, they discuss topics such as nutrition, balancing meals, and safety in the kitchen. Participants become familiar with local supermarkets and foods available in Saskatoon.  

Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and Conversation is held every Thursday afternoon and provides an opportunity for newcomers to informally meet and converse with volunteers. Over a cup of coffee or tea, volunteers and newcomers share information about community services, activities, culture, and their professional and family lives. This relaxed environment provides an ideal setting for newcomers to learn more about Canadian culture and traditions and to develop mutual friendships.

Driving Theory Course

Classes providing instruction on driving theory are provided for two hours, every day for a week, at various times throughout the year. These classes teach driving theory as outlined in SGI’s Driver’s Handbook and are designed to provide students with the tools they need in order to pass the SGI written portion of the driving exam. There is no actual driving involved.

Drop-In Information Sessions

Delivered bi-weekly, these sessions foster adaptation to Canadian life and the community by providing information on the following topics:

  • Parenting in Canada (child safety, child welfare, child care)
  • Summer/Community Involvement
  • Employment
  • Canadian Culture
  • Health Care in Canada
  • Education in Canada
  • Personal and Property Cleanliness
  • Driving in Saskatchewan
  • Winter Preparation
  • Volunteering in Saskatoon
  • Dating
  • ...and more

Family, Fun, and Fit

Family, Fun, and Fit provides an opportunity for physical exercise and recreational activities that participants may otherwise be unable to afford, or are unable to access due to language barriers or unfamiliarity with the community. Family, Fun, and Fit strives to support families that are in transition and who may be recovering from past experiences of torture and trauma by promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging family participation.

Homework Help

Homework Help provides a supportive and friendly learning environment to elementary school-aged children from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. It helps to supplement the support provided by the school, offering extra help for homework that may be difficult to complete in a non-English speaking home. Currently, Homework Help is offered to students at St. Mary's, Bishop Klein and Vincent Massey Community School with a potential to expand to other schools.

Relationship Guide

The Social Boundaries and Healthy Relationship Guide helps clients navigate social and romantic interactions in Canada. The session includes information on interpersonal relationships and communication, social interactions, and boundaries in order to help clients build positive relationships in their everyday lives. Through interactive games, role play, demonstrations, video and visuals, clients engage in thoughtful and critical discussion around these topics. The presentation introduces important topics such as personal space and boundaries, healthy and unhealthy elements in relationships, abusive behaviour, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse.

Skills Building

Skills Building Sessions provide a learning-friendly, supportive and helpful environment for newcomers. These sessions are offered in six to eight week blocks and require pre-registration. For further information, contact the Global Gathering Place at 306-665-0268.

The following are the in-depth block sessions planned for this year:

  1. Money Management
  2. Computers (Level 1 and Level 2)
  3. Housing
  4. Safety
  5. Soft Skills
  6. Employment


Swimming Without Fear

This is a 10-week swimming class for newcomers who do not know how to swim. Lessons are provided by a qualified instructor and combine training on water safety with practical instruction in the water.

Swim Aware

Swim Aware is to help participants gain an understanding of water safety techniques at an aquatic centre. Participants will follow pool rules, know the different features at a pool, and recognize who a lifeguard is and how lifeguards can help. The emphasis is on water safety. In this way, participants will learn how far they can swim safely, where they are able to touch the bottom of the pool, and where they can look to find the water depth. They will practice rescues of someone in trouble without getting in the water and some self-rescue techniques. Finally, they participants will be instructed on boat safety and ice safety.

WELL - Women Exchanging Life's Lessons

These ten-week block sessions are offered twice annually to a small group of vulnerable immigrant women. Participating women meet with health professionals, the program facilitator, and with interpreters (if needed) in an informal setting as they share in a variety of skills-building, social, and informative sessions, with an emphasis on health. While attending the sessions, the women's young children are able to concurrently attend a children's program facilitated by an Early Childhood Education instructor. The children will be provided with a range of learning activities which will support their development in a fun, interactive, and safe environment.